FINN Throwback: Take a tour around the Gulfstream G500

This week’s FINN Throwback takes another look inside the Gulfstream G500 as we celebrate Gulfstream Aerospace’s relocation of its European headquarters to Farnborough

Each week, FINN takes a look back at some of the most popular videos from the channel over the past few years.

In today’s FINN Throwback, editor-in-chief, Alan Peaford, takes a look inside the Gulfstream G500. The business jet received its FAA certification in July 2018 and was first delivered just over a year ago in September 2018.

The aircraft introduced one of the industry's most aerodynamically efficient and advanced wing.With three living areas, the jet has a maximum range of 5,200 Nm and maximum mach of 0.925.

The G500 also achieved record Trans-Pacific flights in it weight class as well as a number of city pair and speed records during an extensive world tour last summer.

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