At Paris Air Show last month, Embraer celebrated its 50th anniversary. FINN caught up with Johann Bordais, President & Customer Happiness Officer,  Embraer Services & Support.

Bordais said: “We're not a 100-year-old company like [some] others and we're not a start-up we're right in the middle, which I think is just the perfect age to remain agile. But we also have the little wrinkles [from] experience.”

“We are definitely ready for the next 50 years,” he added.

Bordais has what is possibly a unique job title in the aerospace industry as the Customer Happiness Officer. This is an undertaking given that Embraer Services & Support has around 2,500 customers.

He noted: “Producing, designing, selling and delivering an aeroplane is one thing, keeping them operating is another.”

Bordais shares the work Embraer Services & Support is doing to keep all these customers happy and to “keep those aeroplanes flying”.

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